Last Time on Axeus Part 6

The Vanguard’s scouts located what they believed to be one of the Shards and sent word to the heroes. Upon arriving the heroes saw that the camp had been attacked and quickly went into action. They dispatched the attackers, who were Black Hand, and attempted to salvage the camp. One survivor, Nizar, let them know what happened. They came through rifts and had some kind of astral plague on them. He informed them that the Black Hand had gone into the vault and were also here for the Shard. He also requested that they find his wife Elaine as she was part of the team of Mage Knight’s that went into the vault.

Upon entering the Vault the heroes were met by minions of the Black Hand. A Spectator and a few lackeys stood no chance against the might of the heroes. However, in another room a Fire Elemental made short work of Talon, but Zazriel quickly summoned a tidal wave and vanquished the Fire elemental. Deeper into the Vault the heroes faced a vile monster known as the Oni. The Oni hinted at knowing Zazriel, perhaps in his past lives. Before the final blow was struck the Oni was able to get away. Nearing the end of the Vault an Iron Maiden was found with a person still alive inside of it. He offered to tell the heroes where one of the Shards were if they freed him, but they decided against it.

In the final room of the vault is where the heroes finally saw what they were after, one of the Shards. However, the Black Hand was already in the process of trying to take it. Acting quickly the heroes attempted to stop them. When all seemed lost Oluwakanyinsola made a dash for the Shard and upon grabbing a hold of it he shut down.

Will the heroes obtain in the Shard, or is it too late?

Last Time on Axeus Part 5

After learning that the Black Hand have put a bounty on their heads, the heroes decided to try and track them down. The note they found said the meeting for payment would be in Markarth. Unfortunately their plan was spoiled as some of the heroes stood out like sore thumbs in a town full of criminals. They learned that the “Lord of Shadows” was the master of the Black Hand, but they didn’t manage to keep anyone alive to question them further. Oluwakanyinsola and Lothwyn set out on a side mission to recover some belongings from a home, but accidentally let loose an evil spirit that was trapped inside a warded chest.

Back in Amestris, Eremorn grew tired of waiting for the book that the heroes were sent to retrieve. However, the heroes grew weary of Eremorn, and decided to give the book to Maric instead. This caused Eremorn to become furious and he ordered his mages to march on the castle and retrieve the book. He requested an audience with Maric, but he had since disappeared. Lothwyn convinced the party that the book was only safe in their hands, so they set out to get the book back. Upon arriving they saw the army of Mage Knights waiting outside the castle walls. Upon entering the Throne room a furious Eremorn was demanding to see Maric, who appeared briefly after the heroes. Upon request he gave the book back to the heroes. With Eremorn now threatening to wage war with the Warden, Zazriel stepped in and told them of the great evil that was coming. He revealed who and what he was, and it was enough to make the Warden finally believe that something indeed was coming. Zazriel was able to unite the Mages and the Kingdom once again with his speech. The Warden then formed the Vanguard. A group who will be in charge of deciphering the book, and stopping this great evil. He put the heroes in charge of the Vanguard and left fate in their hands.

Last Time on Axeus Part 4

The heroes dove into the depths of Skyreach Lake in an attempt to free the town of Lakeside from the dangers of the Lizardmen. In a cave they found where the horrors were coming from. A demon had convinced a group of Lizardmen that he was a God. Gooja was his name, and swift he fell to the heroes’ might. While in Gooja’s lair they rescued many imprisoned townsfolk and let one Lizardman Shaman named Skrill escape.

Once back in Lakeside they heroes were pardoned for their crimes as payment for their deeds. However Linda the old innkeep was still sentenced to years in prison. In attempt to right their wrongs they took Linda into their custody so that she wouldn’t be left to rot for their deeds.

On their way back to Amestris they were attacked in their sleep by the Black Hand. After striking them down a quick search of their belongings revealed that someone has put a price on their heads.

Once back in Amestris the heroes took care of business in town. The Warden awarded them a manor and in return the heroes will pay it off by providing their services for him. As the day winded down the heroes were struck off guard by multiple threats…

Last Time on Axeus Part 3

Last Time on Axeus…

The heroes travel to Lakeside to investigate the Lake for the Warden.

Assaulted Zeke and his boys to get information about Amarra.

A boy using magic in Solomon was hung. When bobby tried to burry the body it reawoke and spoke the word ‘Death’ in Draconic leaving behind a handprint on her throat.

Let Grimjaw the Heretic go.

A raven has been following the party, tried to control Nick.

Sally at the orphanage informed the heroes where they could find Jen, the boys sister. Upon arriving at her location the Orcs had taken up refuge here. The heroes attacked the Orcs and saved Amarra and Jen.

Ammara is a Seer.

Bobby adopted Jen from the orphanage.

Arriving back in Lakeside the heroes are wanted for multiple crimes.

A shout at the lake alerted the heroes to a group of Lizardmen dragging people into the water. They saved the townsfolk.

Last Time on Axeus Part 2

Last Time on Axeus…

The heroes battled through the abandoned temple of Kabal, defeated Grawl the Feral and rescued Arch Mage Eremorn.

Back in Amestris Eremorn aided the heroes in unlocking some of their past. He informs them that someone may be trying to awaken an ancient evil that slumbers in Axeus. He believes there is 9 shards, known as keys, that may make up some kind of artifact that would allow these people to bring this ancient evil back into our world. He requests the heroes track down a former apprentice of his, Bala’Tor, and take back a book that was stolen from him.

While in Amestris the heroes aided a few people as well. They traveled to Riverdale, home of the famous moo-sheep milk, and saved them from a flock of feral Griffons they accepted The Warden’s request to investigate Lakeside, and began searching for a missing girl.

They swiftly set off to the Crypt of Bala’Tor. Here they found terrors of flesh and bone. Bala’Tor has used ancient magics to harness the power from the long lost souls that remained in this decrepit place, but he was no match for the heroes. They took him down, freed the spirits and reclaimed the stolen book for Eremorn.

Last Time in Axeus Part 1
Game 1 Recap

Last Time in Axeus…

Three adventurers exploring an ancient tomb in search of an artifact of great power reawaken a long forgotten evil. In the process they reactivated a long dormant guardian and a fallen angel landed at their feet. This was no accident, as fate would dictate.

Soon after they were ambushed by a group of assassins. They fought there way through them as the tomb crumbled and narrowly escaped. The adventurers then made their way to the capital of Amestris. Here they searched for answers and so went looking for the ArcheMage.

They reach the Mage’s Tower just to learn that the ArcheMage has gone missing. The apprentice David recruited the adventurers to go in search of him and they set off for the Crossroads.

At the Crossroads in Crossroads they learned from a group of mage’s that they have searched for the past few days with no luck. There is only two leads they have left, and offer them to the adventurers. They decide that their best lead is to an old Temple of Vecron and make haste. Upon arriving Zazriel kicked down the doors and they charge in slaughtering a group of assassins and hyenas.

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